Giulio Stix

Luxury? Having time

When you meet Giulio Stix,  Sales Manager for Italy of Belmond, one has the clear perception of dealing with a person immersed in future challenges, while anchored to solid principles that have their roots in a cultural and family heritage.

Giulio Stix’s mode of presentation is always appropriate in every occasion and he perfectly incarnates the style that distinguishes the Belmond hotels, a collection of 46 hotels, trains and river cruises present in 25 countries around the world and that in Italy boasts 6 properties, true and proper icons of hospitality, including the Hotel Cipriani, Venice, the Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare at Portofino and the Grand Hotel Timeo at Taormina.

Not by chance he is the creator of the Program “Adagio, vivere intensamente” [“Slowly, live intensely”] with restricted access only by invitation.

Adagio is the key for accessing compelling travel experiences and savouring the rhythm of life that beats slowly in dream hotels, surrounded by luscious gardens, places of quiet and discretion, as always synonymous with excellent hospitality no holds barred.

Nowadays, where rapidity, speed and frenzy  seem to feature in every moment of life, to the point where millions of people feel the need to inform entire communities of what they are doing in each and every second of their existence, it in turn seems that the philosophy of the Belmond is an elegy of slowness.

Giulio Stix has perfectly clear ideas as to what luxury is today. “It is having time to spend, he states paraphrasing the Greek philosopher Theophrastus – ideally with ones loved ones  – the most precious of all things that no man should ever be compelled to do without”.

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