My father always thought that his children had to learn foreign languages and travel, because, as Montaigne said “it is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others

So it was that during my high school I spent almost all summer holidays in London, where I learned not only English, but above all I was fascinated by the rituals that accompanied the afternoon tea service, Sunday brunch, the picnic in the magnificent English parks or participation in the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.
And I noticed that the use of “good manners” was a distinguished sign of a cultural elite.

My passion for etiquette and bon ton was born in that period and, through the travel experiences, I was able to learn how the codes of behavior can change from Country to Country. So I began to collect books on good manners, a true passion that continues today.

Since then I have always tried to apply the rules of bon ton in every aspect of my personal and professional life and I can assert  that if I have had the opportunity to access exclusive places or to relate with successful people and have been indicated in 2018 by Who’s Who legal among the 14 leading environmental lawyers, I owe it, in part, also to an appropriate use of good manners, which allowed me to empathize with people and facilitate the relationship with them also from a professional point of view.

With this wealth of experience, I was not only appointed by the Milan Polytechnic University  to teach cross-cultural business etiquette as part of the Master Polis Maker course, but I decided to create LuxuryTalks, my drawing room, where luxury is not represented only by the opportunity to converse with exclusive people, but also to spread the knowledge of some rules of etiquette, which nowadays, due to a hyper-digitalization of relationships, are often ignored.

This is why I offer advice to all those who want to improve their professional and personal life through the knowledge and use of business etiquette.

All this with the precise conviction that manners not only define people, but help them in their personal success: #mannersforsuccess


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