Luxury Gran Spa Palazzo Parigi

There are many reasons for frequenting luxury hotels in Milan: they offer private, well-kept and welcoming environments, qualified staff, extended hours also on Saturdays and Sundays.

Every luxury spa has its own distinctive feature ranging from the exclusivity of the products used to the type of treatments offered, to the peculiarity of the places.

I want to point out five reasons to try the Grand Spa at Palazzo Parigi

  1. Wide and bright spaces and comfortable timetables. Palazzo Parigi is one of the few hotels in Milan to have the spa located on a high floor. This gives brightness and airiness to the spaces. The Grand Spa is also open to outdoor guests every day from 9am to 9pm.
  2. Authentic Hammam privè. Hamam’s exclusive use is planned. I recommend Royal Hammam treatment: an hour of true wellness. It is welcomed and accompanied by an experienced therapist for all treatment. The ritual begins with a 15-minute Turkish bath, during which a massage is performed with the so-called black soap, made of olive oil and eucalyptol, useful for purifying the skin. When the steam bath is over, it passes into the scrub room for peeling, carried out with the Kassa glove, in order to  re-activate the circulation. Next you dive into the whirlpool to relax the body and during the bath is offered on a tray green tea or infused with herbs, dried and dehydrated fruit. The ritual ends with a 20-minute massage with Argan oil. Result: the skin is velvety, perfumed, perfectly hydrated and all muscle tensions are desapeared .
  3. Possibility to use the large pool. Access to the Spa also allows the use of the pool, which overlooks a large terrace.
  4. Relax at Oasis. This is a bar which offers a healthy and tasty nutrition supervised by the famous nutritionist prof. Nicola Sorrentino.
  5. In addition to Hammam, Grand Spa offers a range of facial and body treatments with the use of Valmont’s products, which seem to offer visible results on the firmness of facial skin.

The Royal Hammam is well worth a visit even after a hard day’s work.

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