Davide Traxler

Luxury is knowing how to be discreet

Paraphrasing the title of a known film, I can say  that my encounter with Davide Traxler  was a “Breakfast at Chopard’s”.  CEO of Chopard Italia, Davide Traxler welcomed me in my early morning visit to his store in via della Spiga with a deliciously fragrant cup of coffee.

Impeccably dressed, he presented himself smiling and relaxed. “And it could not be otherwise – he told me – working in contact with precious objects, you inevitably work with moments of happiness”.

 What do you mean?

“I mean that jewels are as ever objects linked to positive emotions: be they gifts for festivities, anniversaries, for moments of passion or simply for ones own pleasure. In other words the jewel is the emblem of an act of generosity and when one is generous,  one is well disposed towards ones fellows and hence one can only be happy, serene, fulfilled”.

What is luxury for Davide Traxler?

“Luxury can have various meanings, that can also depend on the surrounding environment. For those who live in cold, rainy countries, luxury may simply mean enjoying a few days of sunshine.

As far as I am concerned I can say that luxury today is knowing how to be discreet, respectful of ones own privacy and that of others. And I must say, working in my sector,  the virtue of being discreet allows you the luxury of sharing both unique moments and unique information, accessible only to the very few”.

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