Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Milan

24 karat magic in the...Spa!

As I wrote in my post on Palazzo Parigi, luxury spas are not lacking in Milan and each of them has its own distinctive element. If some of them offer special locations, others differ in offering exclusive treatments.


This is the case of the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, that exclusively offers  the Golden Fashion Milan treatment, a luxurious facial and body massage with 24-carat gold flakes and amber resins, which spa manager Giorgia Bogoni has recently introduced among the spa treatments, being sure to propose a high quality and entirely made in Italy product.


The treatment lasts almost two hours and begins with a salt and argan oil scrub to continue with an intense facial and body massage.

Here are the benefits of this luxurious treatment:

  1. A re-energizing energy massage. The body cream has a very rich texture, which requires an intense massage for its application, that re-activates the circulation and loosens any muscular tension. After a few minutes of massage, the cream turns into a rich and perfumed oil.
  2. Amber, rich in succinic acid, has an energizing, draining and anti-aging action, thus enhancing skin complexity. Applied to the face then, it offers a real spin of energy and the micro flakes of gold give incredible brightness to the face.
  3. The effects of skin toning, brightness and silkiness are immediately visible just after treatment and remain for a whole week, confirming the excellent quality of the product.


If we consider this massage even in a holistic way, the treatment has its own spiritual dimension: according to the rules of crystal therapy amber, since ancient times, was considered a precious stone because it was considered capable not only of moving away from negativity but even to attract wealth … in short, 24 karat of magic in the spa!

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