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“Being healthy is the true luxury”

To have free control over one’s own time is the true luxury. If this freedom provides you with the opportunity of looking after your own wellbeing, then your perception of luxury increases even more. I experienced this perception recently over a long weekend, during which, responding to a kind invitation by Arianna Risatti, I was able to discover and try out the medical techniques of the TAO Center at Limone sul Garda, with pleasantly surprising results.

Around 2,600 a.d. the court doctor of the Chinese Emperor Huang Di declared – “Wise doctors do not  limit themselves to looking after the sick, they teach everyone how to avoid becoming ill”:

Not by chance the Tao ideogram depicts a man walking towards an important goal, his own wellbeing, and to achieve this man has to follow his own biorhythms, nourish himself in order to favour an energy balance and aboveall stimulate those important energy points present in our bodies, through acupuncture, reflexology and the cupping therapy.

How did the idea of opening a center of Chinese Medicine on Lake Garda come about? 

In our long life path, there comes a time when you realise what really counts is health, that allows you to face anything at all with the right energy.

I wanted to transfer this concept to our guests so as to allow them to understand that the importance of “wellbeing” should not be confused with an excessive attention to looks or aesthetics. For a woman aboveall, accepting the condition of natural physical change after a certain age, an be quite critical.

The secret of aging well lies in looking after one’s own health, in loving and caring for oneself, this by setting out and living by a healthy, “ordered” lifestyle.

How has people’s approach to Chinese medicine changed over these latter years?

People are evermore aware of the preventive virtues of an appropriate energy diet and and an adequate detoxification of the body, accompanied by some ancient energy rebalance techniques such as the cupping therapy. What has satisfied me the most over these years is having managed to loyalize a good clientele that returns to our Center because they know the benefits they can obtain there.

Ours is not the kind of spa that places the emphasis on luxury furnishings. It is a center that helps people maintain their wellness on a longterm basis.

What is true luxury for you?

Being healthy. This is the only, true luxury that counts for me.

What are then your 5 rules for living a life of luxury?

My 5 rules to be respected are:

look after yourself

respect your body as if it were a shrine

find a good food balance

find a psychophysical equilibrium

always have your own personal spaces to cultivate

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