Maria Luisa Trussardi

Luxury? Knowing how to transmit emotions

Maria Luisa Trussardi appears a highly reserved and discreet person. During my brief encounter with her, faced with my surprise in learning that the Trussardi group has several employees that have been faithful to the company for over thirty years, her answer was laconic: ”One should know how to thank ones staff”.

On the concept of luxury too Maria Lusia Trussardi has very clear ideas: ”for us of the Trussardi family producing luxury means continuing our walk down the road of creativity and quality with those signs and skills typical of Made in Italy, which the whole world acknowledges us in the field of Fashion and Design.

And particularly, but not only so, for us luxury is an accessory, handbag, shoes, eye-glasses, perfume etc. that masterfully made, immediately at first impact expresses an excellence of visual image and a gratifying tactile sensation, in few words, that gives an emotion. If an object expresses all this, it is luxury.

The high cost of a fashion product is not always significant in positioning it in the luxury category. You can also have luxury products at moderately high costs”.

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