Francesca Terragni

The luxury of caring for details

Francesca Terragni was born and lives in Milan, where she met the LVMH Group and began her career in the world of luxury in 1998.

After having covered the role of Marketing Head for Christian Dior Parfums, since 2003 Francesca Terragni has worked as Marketing and Communications Director for Italy for the  Maison de Champagne Veuve Clicquot and Krug.

I have had the opportunity of meeting  Francesca on many occasions: as a first impression, you find yourself facing a person of impeccable elegance, lofty and detached in her manner, almost intimidating, but after a few minutes of conversation you notice that the apparent coldness conceals a  person of an extraordinary humanity and, aboveall with a boundless joie de vivre.

Ever involved in society events, where Krug or Veuve Clicquot contribute to bringing good cheer to every occasion, I asked her for her personal vision of luxury today.

“I have been working in the luxury goods sector since 1998 and in these years I have passed through fashions, trends,  consumer habits and economical-social situations very different from each other.

What has not changed is my personal vision  of what is luxury  and what it  simply is not and never will be.

Luxury is a care for details, experienced with a naturalness, without obsession.

In the materials, in ones behaviour, ones relations, in the respect for the environment.

And there is no care for details without the time needed to seek the same and the space in which to experience it”.

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