Mario Boselli

Luxury: being able to rest, doing different jobs

The pairing Luxury-Milan inevitably evokes fashion, via Montenapoleone, the fashion weeks so deftly organized by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana of which Cav. Mario Boselli is President.

If I were to  pinpoint a distinguishing trait of Cav. Mario Boselli I would have no doubts: the smile with which he greets people on every occasion, place and event. And indeed it was with a smile that our chat on what is the definition of luxury began.

“As President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana I must say I do not particularly love the term luxury, also because it does not befit Italian fashion. The concept of exclusiveness, uniqueness that often distinguishes luxury clothes, is something which belongs more to the chromosomes of the French, their fashion is more to be looked at than to be worn.

When I speak of Italian fashion I prefer to define it as “well-made beauty”, a sentence that sums up the quality of the materials, beauty, craftsmanship, the wearability of the clothes and that generates in Italy 60 billion euros of turnover”.

What is your personal vision of luxury?

“For me luxury is being able to take a break, but being a “homo faber”, who  is not very happy about being idle, I have made a saying of a Chinese sage my own, that goes: true rest comes with doing different jobs”.

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