Marva Griffin Wilshire, Salone Satellite

Luxury? Having a chauffeur and a masseur

If I were to find a locution for describing Marva Griffin I would have no doubt: continuously searching for talent.

I first met Marva Griffi in 2007 on the occasion of Don Giovanni being directed by Gustavo Dudamel,  the Venezuelan infant prodigy of music.

Marva Griffin, to celebrate the talent of her young, brilliant, vivacious countryman, organized an event at Park Hyatt, Milan. And very probably this same enthusiasm in highlighting young talents led her to create the Satellite Salon in 1998, which she founded and directs. For over eighteen years the Satellite pavilion, in the Milan Furniture Show, has been a world landmark for young designers who wish to have a showcase, a chance to exhibit their projects, in the hopes that the sector companies turn them into reality. The model was so successful that exactly 10 years ago Marva founded the Satellite Salon,  Moscow, this too growing constantly.

This year her farsighted undertaking even won her the Compasso d’oro 2014, the oldest and most authoritative world award that the Italian Design Association (ADI) allocates to personalities who have contributed to divulging design in the world.

I met Marva Griffin again last winter and found her as enthusiastic and vivacious as ever. A vivacity that leads her to travel to find new trends, new forms, new ideas and hence new talents. Not by chance her intellectual curiosity, as well as allowing her an indepth knowledge of the history of architecture and design, has led her to be nominated member of  the Phillip Johnson Architecture and Design Committee  of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.

I asked a woman of her mettle, dynamism and continuously renewed energies,  what her vision of luxury was and, not by chance, her answer was in line with travel: “First and foremost today, in the times in which we live, being serene with oneself is the main luxury. If I though have to think of something related to material affluence, since being constantly on the move is fundamental for me, luxury is having a chauffeur and a personal masseur”.

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