William Louey

Luxury? Friendship

I met William Louey for a lunch at Milan’s Baretto restaurant. There is just one word that defines William Louey: unique

Grandson of the founder of the oldest public transport company of Hong Kong, the Kawloon Motor Bus Co. Ltd, of which he is currently Director, William is not only an able businessman, but aboveall a philanthropist, a sportsman, a good photographer, a natural born traveller, curious to discover and experience the emotions that places are capable of transmitting. It is not by chance that his name has been included in the top 500 list of Hong Kong’s power elite compiled by Tatler Magazine. As well as being extremely likeable, what strikes one about William is his deep attention for health and bodycare, that he considers a precious asset to be protected with beauty and sagacity. I was surprised when William told me that he often reads the Harvard Medical Review to check the reliability of certain scientific discoveries concerning cosmetic or medical treatment.

Host and guest of exclusive parties and events in the world, to my simple question as to what for him counts as luxury, he answered: “Friendship”. It goes without saying that as likeable man of power  always has a lot of friends or presumed such, but this is his is way of appreciating his true friends: “I always keep up my relations with childhood friends, because friendships formed during childhood are spontaneous and are based on liking each other and not on other reasons. Hence I place great faith in people introduced to me by childhood friends, because the old bond usually passes onto the new friends”.

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