Annamaria Previati

Luxury today? Giving and receiving an “ethical gesture”

For almost 30 years the naturopathist Annamaria Previati has been welcoming loyal customers, even openly famous ones, in her Milan studio, “to ‘cuddle’ and care for them” (as she loves saying), with surprising aesthetic effects. The term welcoming  here is truly appropriate, not only because of the homely appearance of her studio, but aboveall because Annamaria Previati always has a smile on her face, is calm instilling, and is capable of gleaning the mood of the moment and offering suitable relief. She is a woman of great generosity. “One of my greatest satisfactions is seeing my clients who, when they enter my studio, take off their shoes as if they were at home” she likes to say.

Creator of the Stem Massage®, that helps solidify the body and straighten out wrinkles by the use of special wood stems, and follower of the school of Rudolf Steiner, she is a fervent supporter of our exterior beauty being essentially associated with our own spiritual-energy equilibrium, which lies at the basis of our beauty and wellbeing.

Cosmetic surgery works on our appearance,  but often does not help in balancing out our energies and the deficiencies are  inevitably reflected in our body. During a massage, in touching the energy points of the human body, I manage to understand the disharmonies of that body, and hence I am able to act to resolve the same, to rebalance the deficiencies”.

As to my usual question on what is luxury she answered me thus: “luxury today is being able to give and aboveall receive what I define as the “ethical gesture”, that is performing even the smallest of actions with the consciousness of doing good. This does not mean “gratuitous do-goodism”: even being capable of saying no when there is disrespect of oneself or others is an ethical gesture. The ethical gesture aboveall features the respect of others and aboveall of oneself. Once a Buddhist monk told me: “When you carry out even the most humble of tasks, do it with the same passion as if you were serving a King. This passion, this joy in doing will restore your own wellbeing”.

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